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Water Gardens: Apply AlgaeOff directly over the infested area in granular form. Surface should be wet or water should be applied immediately following application. For waterfall applications, turn off waterfall pumps and allow AlgaeOff to sit on the waterfall for a period of 20 minutes and then turn pumps back on.

Skim the dead algae or organic material that rises to the water’s surface after treatment. This will keep dead organics from sinking to the bottom of the pond. Dead and decaying organics provide a food source and additional nutrients for future algae blooms. Allow 48 hours between consecutive treatments.

For liquid applications, please follow all label instructions. Due to solubility, AlgaeOff is not as effective with this application method.

Ponds & Lakes: Treat floating or submerged algae mats evenly from shoreline out. If the majority of your pond is covered during hot weather or when treating heavy growth, it is important to treat no more than 1/4 of your pond at a time and wait the full 14 days before re-applying. This helps lower the risk of fish loss during hot weather or when treating heavy growth. Heavy growth may require re-treatment.