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Shiro Muji Koi Fish For Sale

The Shiro Muji koi, also known simply as “White Koi,” is renowned for its pure, pristine white coloration. This variety is characterized by its solid, unblemished white scales, which exude a sense of simplicity and elegance. Shiro Muji koi are highly valued for their minimalist beauty, often serving as a tranquil and serene presence in koi ponds. One of the other distinguishing features of Shiro Muji koi is their luminous, almost iridescent skin; it can reflect light beautifully, creating a striking visual effect as they swim. Their clean, unadorned appearance makes them an ideal complement to more patterned and colorful koi varieties, enhancing the overall aesthetic balance of the pond. In terms of temperament, Shiro Muji koi are known for their calm and friendly nature, making them a joy to observe and interact with. They typically grow to sizes ranging from 24 to 30 inches, given proper care and a suitable environment.

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