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Medications Effect on Living Water

Medications Effect on Living Water

Medications Effect on Living Water.

Inevitably we do things which will disrupt stability and effect our Living Water Quality.  Stability has been knocked out for whatever reason and due to overcrowded conditions we might have to medicate.  First, we must gently encourage the pond back to stability before we consider medications.  Reduce the stress and fix the water FIRST.   Whatever you do, don’t panic; panic pushes us to do regretful things.

Basically, ALL medicines are antagonistic to Living Water Stability.


Consider these points when medication is inevitable.

  • Know the gallons of your system.
  • Know what parasite if any you are dealing with.
  • Use a specific medicine for a specific bug.
  • Treat accurately and promptly.
  • Do Not Over Treat or Over Dose. You will kill the Living Water or the filter bacteria.
  • Formalin, potassium permanganate and salt are all over used in the industry. Use judiciously.
  • Change small quantities of water after treating to dilute toxins and improve water quality.
  • Sometimes it is better to medicate individual fish in a separate bath if practical. In this way you won’t impact the Living Water.
  • Focus on stability. Are your actions contributing to stability or antagonism.  All to often, we do TOO MUCH.

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