Atlantic | Oase ColorFalls Spillway

Atlantic | Oase ColorFalls Spillway

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  • Illuminated waterfalls are the most versatile way to add light and water to your landscape or hardscape
  • Atlantic’s Color Changing Colorfalls are the first modular sheer descent system with multiple light and configuration options
  • Design custom colors, select transitions and create personalize sequences with the new InfiColor Smart Module and App
  • Unlike other sheer descent waterfalls, Atlantic Color Changing Colorfalls may be linked together to create waterfalls of any width
  • Synchronize multiple Colorfalls with InfiColor 3 Light Wiring Kit (CCSM30X3), additional splitters (CCBSX4) and larger transformer
  • Designed to install easily in any wall, indoors or out, whether stone, brick, block, stucco, tile or wood
  • Atlantic’s Color Changing Colorfalls’ modular body style offers multiple inlets for maximum plumbing flexibility
  • Generous weir openings resist clogging and creat a thicker, fuller sheer for extra color and less wind deflection
  • Colorfalls feature a 5″ lip, 20′ powercord and includes single outlet InfiColor Smart Module and 12V outdoor transformer
  • For use with Formal Spillway Basins and Basin Kits


color changing colorfalls features

DESCRIPTION6″ Color Changing Colorfalls12″ Color Changing Colorfalls24″ Color Changing Colorfalls36″ Color Changing Colorfalls
FLOW RATE600 gph1,200 gph2,400 gph3,600 gph
PROJECTION*8″ – 10″ at 18″H & 600 gph (Rec. Height: 20″ max.)8″ 10″ at 18″H & 1,200 gph (Rec. Height: 20″ max.)8″ 10″ at 18″H & 2,400 gph (Rec. Height: 30″ max.)8″ 10″ at 18″H & 3,600 gph (Rec. Height: 40″ max.)
TRANSFORMER10 watt (included)20 watt (included)
DIMENSIONS6″W x 8″D x 3.5″H12″W x 8″D x 3.5″H24″W x 8″D x 3.5″H36″W x 8″D x 3.5″H