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AlgaeFix By API


AlgaeFix By API



Effectively controls many types of green or green water algae, string or hair algae and blanketweed in ponds. After taking care of the algae, use maintenance doses to keep it away. Can be used safely with plants at recommended doses.

  • The #1 treatment for algae control
  • Powerful and fast acting
  • For use in ponds, fountains and waterfalls
  • Safe for use with live plants and fish
  • Registered with the EPA (E.P.A. Registration #8709-8)


  • 8 oz. bottle (240 ml) Treats 2,400 US Gal (9,085 L)
  • 16 fl. oz. bottle (473 ml) Treats 4,800 US Gal (18,170 L)
  • 32 fl. oz. bottle (946 ml) Treats 9,600 US Gal (36,340 L)
  • 64 fl. oz. bottle (1.89 L) Treats 19,200 US Gal (72,680 L)
  • 1 gallon bottle (3.78 L) Treats 38,400 US Gal (145,344 L)
  • 2.5-gal Treats 96,000 US Gal (363,400 L)

To ensure accurate dosing, determine pond volume before use. Do not overdose.

Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) for each 50 gallons or 0.25 cup for each 600 gallons of pond or fountain water.

Thoroughly mix into pond water by adding near the pump outflow, waterfall, or aeration device. It can be mixed in a bucket and dispersed evenly around the pond. Repeat dose every 3 days until algae is controlled. Once algae growth is under control, add one dose per week. Weekly doses will control algae growth and reduce pond maintenance. CAUTION: DO NOT use with freshwater crustaceans including shrimp, crabs, and lobsters.

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