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The Asagi Koi is a captivating and revered variety of ornamental carp – or Koi – known for its distinctive coloration and serene beauty. Its name, “Asagi,” translates to “pale blue” in Japanese, reflecting the Koi’s stunning and tranquil appearance reminiscent of clear mountain streams. What sets the Asagi apart from other Koi varieties is its unique patterning, characterized by a striking blue or slate-colored body overlaid with vibrant red or orange markings along the dorsal line and on the cheeks. These contrasting colors create a harmonious display that evokes feelings of serenity and peace. The look of the Asagi Koi also resembles the robe of ancient Japanese warriors, known as the “samurai kimono,” which featured a similar blue and red color scheme. This historical significance adds to the allure and mystique of the Asagi, making it a top choice among Koi enthusiasts, collectors, and pond owners.




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