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Zakki Sieve Pre Filter

Zakki Sieve Pre FilterThese sieve filters can be used above water level, or at water level, and with large or small suction lines. The pond water level is no longer an issue so massive water changes can be performed without worry. The water pump is always after the sieve filter, so only clean water is going through the pumps impeller. The water pump never has to be shut down when performing any filter maintenance. That means you can remove the wedge wire screen, clean it off and replace it without dealing with unplugging the water pump, nor with rushing water inside the filter. These filters operate under a vacuum which allows it to be used in so many different applications.

The Zakki Sieve Filter has a 250 micron wedge wire sieve screen which removes the debris down to roughly the size of fine table salt. The Zakki Sieve was designed so that the water pump remains on all the time, even during maintenance. This means you never have to worry about loosing the prime on the pump. This is accomplished by using a bypass mode on the filter whenever you need to perform maintenace. The Zakki Sieve also utilizes the power of the water pump to flush off the wedge wire screen.

This is a filter that can be neglected for a long time without maintenance, but it is not recommended that you do this on a regular basis. The longer the debris is trapped on the sieve screen, the more excessive nutrients will be dissolved into the water column. The operation of the filter will be the same whether it is cleaned everyday or left alone for two weeks, only the water quality will be affected.

The Zakki Sieve comes in two different sizes to suite your needs...

16 Zakki Sieve has a max flow rate of 4500 GPH and is limited to a single 3-4 inlet or up to three 2 inlets.

24 Zakki Sieve has a max flow rate of 9000 GPH and can have up to three 3-4" inlets or up to five 2 inlets.

The sieves come with Two 2 3-way valves so you can incorporate the bypass plumbing into the filter. 3 3-way valves are available for an additional $75 if you want to lower your total dynamic head loss on the plumbing. The sieves also come with a union for every pipe connection on the filter.
Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
16 Zakki Sieve 4500 GPH ............ $1850 Call Call to Order
24 Zakki Sieve 9000 GPH ............ $2895 Call Call to Order