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Swing Check Valves

Swing Check Valves

Lets water flow only one way. Good for keeping the pump primed when the power is off. Prevents water from backflowing from the filter into the pond.

The check valves are clear allowing you to see action inside, available in many sizes. These PVC check valves are the flapper type without springs and do not get clogged up with algae.

Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
130104 Swing Check Valve 1/2 in $17.49 Add to Cart
130105 Swing Check Valve 3/4 in $17.49 Add to Cart
130102 Swing Check Valve 1 in $17.95 Add to Cart
130100 Swing Check Valve 1.5 in $19.95 Add to Cart
130103 Swing Check Valve 2 in $29.95 Add to Cart