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Super Blockade

Super Blockade

Super Blockade is a proprietary formulation of portland cements, graded aggregates and chemical additives. The correct amount of co-polymer powder is pre-mixed in the bag, so only water is required to achieve consistent waterproofing of portland cement surfaces.


  • Convenient. No liquid polymers to buy, inventory or handle.
  • Eliminates leakage caused by moisture saturation.
  • Prevents moisture damage such as efflorescence, spalling, crumbling, and discoloration.
  • Mixes easily with mechanical mixer at slow speed.
  • Simple application by masonry brush or bristle push broom.
  • Serves as final white or gray decorative surface as it protects.
  • Long term protection.
  • Eliminates need for concrete rubbing or sacking.
  • Foolproof waterproofing, eliminates mixing mistakes.

Placement Super Blockade may be applied above or below grade. Two coats are recommended for the positive (source of moisture) side, and for the negative side.

Substrates It is effective on plaster brown coat, concrete block, poured-in-place concrete, precast concrete, tilt-up walls, brick and stone.

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