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Little Sister Filter

Little Sister Filter

This two chamber filter is a classic. Proven successful for 20 years. The Little Sister separates the solid waste in one chamber from the biological bacteria in the second chamber. Each chamber has an independent drain with a knife valve. This enables you to clean the solid waste out of chamber one without ever losing your good bacteria from chamber two.

The water enters chamber one through an aeration spray bar to boost oxygen levels in the filter. Heavy solids are captured by a row of filter brushes. The water then flows over a spillway for additional oxygen and then passes through the biological filter media in chamber two. We incorporate additional Matala filter pads in our Little Sister so you have maximum biological filtration. After the water has been conditioned by the bacteria it flows back to the pond through a 1.5" outlet. The outlet has a built in safety overflow so if you neglect your maintenance the filter does not overflow.

Proper flow rate through the Little Sister is 900 gallons per hour.

Connect the outlet of the Little Sister to a pipe leading back to the pond downhill. It is a gravity flow filter so it must be installed above the pond level so the outlet water can flow downhill over your waterfall or directly back to the pond. We sugggest you use 2 inch PVC pipe going downhill back to the pond and keep your pipe distance to less than 10 feet. If you are a longer distance away then you must raise the Little Sister higher in order to achieve good gravity flow back to the pond.

Lifetime Guarantee !! Very heavy duty construction. Made in the USA. ***Special Order Item***

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