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"I love my new Kujyaku. Really special."
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Koi Breeder: Yagenji Yorijo

Koi Farm Name: Yagenji Koi Farm

 - Yagenji Koi Farm

In the usual Japanese tradition the elder son has taken over the business, but in this case not to the extent of the younger brother having to leave the company. They share all day to day responsibilities of running the Yagenji Koi Farm, and both have the same input into the business.

It is a very busy place as well, breeding many varieties such as;  Shiro Utsuri, Gin Rin Showa, Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Chagoi, Ochiba, Doitsu Chagoi, Ochiba, and Soragoi. They now have over 100 mud ponds, even more if you include the tosai ponds. The Yagenji brothers are on course to grow bigger and bigger.

Daisuke, who is the older brother, left school and became a chef,  the younger brother, Toshinori (Tokko), went into the Koi business with his father Yaiichi. It wasn’t until they became quite busy that Daisuke came back to learn the trade and share in the farm with his father and younger brother. Toshinori learned a lot of his trade at Sakai Fish Farms in Hiroshima when he was 18 years old.  Daisuke received vital experience at Momotaro Fish Farm when he was around 22. This diverse training has given them the edge that they needed, and now they are one of the most successful breeders in Niigata.  The Yagenji Koi Farm never has Koi for long, and they sell all sizes, and all grades.  For the visitors to the farm, there is always a cup of coffee on hand and a warm greeting.

Koi Varieties Bred:


Ochiba ShigureOchiba Shigure
Ochiba Shigure

Shiro UtsuriShiro Utsuri
Shiro Utsuri

Showa SanshokuShowa Sanshoku
Showa Sanshoku

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