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Fish Lice and Anchor Worm

Use Proform-LA to treat the visible parasites known as Fish Lice and Anchorworm.

Both of these macro-parasites are visible to the naked eye.

APPEARANCE: Fish Lice appear like small round body shape with a clear shell and you can see the legs and eyes if you look closely. You can easily push the fish lice around on the body with your fingers and sometimes they will jump off the fish and swim around. The fish may have small red sores like bite marks. Anchorworm appear like white or whitish-green threads sticking out from beneath a scale. Quite often the scale will be raised and might be inflamed due to the irritation of the anchorworm. Sometimes there are many fish lice or anchorworm all over the fish and the fish will be very irritable. The fish will jump out of the water frequently and act as though they are rubbing themselves on the sides of the pond. With a heavy infestation the fish can become very lethargic and huddle together on the floor of the pond.

TREATMENT: It is possible to remove the anchorworms and fish lice with a tweezers but they will come out more easily if you bathe the koi in a 0.35% salt bath in a separate bowl for 3 to 5 minutes first to loosen the hold on the anchorworm. Fish lice will also come off easily in a 0.35% salt bath in a separate bowl for 3 to 5 minutes. But it is still best to treat with Proform-LA to kill the life cycle which can last up to 4 weeks. In order to control fish lice and anchorworm you must kill the entire life cycle. The life cycle can last up to 4 weeks in cold water and as little as 10 days in very warm water. So one treatment is never enough. Although the Proform-LA may reduce the visible adults in one dose you must follow up with up to 5 multiple doses at regular intervals to kill the larvae stages. In warm water above 70 degrees try one dose every 3 days for a total of 5 doses over a 12 day period. In cooler water below 70 degrees try one dose every 5 days for a total of 5 doses over a 25 day period. If you miss the life cycle then they will return.

You must treat at least 4 to 5 times over the course of the life cycle to completely eradicate it.

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