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Uniseal Bulkheads

Uniseal BulkheadsUniseals are used to attach pipe to just about any type of container. They can be used in place of expensive bulkhead fittings in most situations. The most common use is on curved surfaces such as storage drums, buckets or even other pipes. Uniseals are made to fit PVC / ABS pipe 1.5" to 4" through wall thickness of 1/8" to 1/2".  PDF File for Uniseal Bulkheads
Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
120025 Uniseal 1.5 inch $4.99 Add to Cart
120026 Uniseal 2 inch $7.99 Add to Cart
120027 Uniseal 3 inch $9.95 Add to Cart
120028 Uniseal 4 inch $12.95 Add to Cart