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Bio Bale

Bio BaleFrom the large Aquaculture industry to the home hobbyist, Bio-Bale is the filter medium of choice for professionals. Simple in concept, Bio-Bale owes its extreme effectiveness to its high surface area versus volume and its unique surface texture. With 250 square feet of surface area per cubic foot and 33 square feet per gallon, Bio-Bale cannot be matched. Bio-Bale is produced from one continuous piece of F.D.A. approved, non-toxic plastic designed specifically for CPR. Bio-Bale is measured precisely by computer to achieve a consistent surface area.

EFFECTIVENESS In use, Bio-Bale has three advantages that make it superior to any other filter media:

SURFACE AREA Bio-Bale allows a greater volume of fish for any given tank size than any other media on the market today. Its large surface area and high water flow reduce toxic ammonia concentrations quickly.

SURFACE TEXTURE Bio-Bale's porous surface texture and optimum void space allows for greater water adhesion, resulting in rapid bacteria growth, even at high flow rates! Water shear is not a problem. The outstanding capillary action of Bio-Bale insures a wetted surface on both sides of the filter medium.

VERSATILITY Bio-Bale's unique structure allows it to be used in any size or shape biological filter, making it ideal for custom or commercial filters. Because it is actually a single continuous strip of inert plastic, cleaning and handling it is easy.

COST Per gallon or cubic foot, Bio-Bale is one of the lowest priced filter media in the industry. Its high efficiency means that more filtration takes place in a smaller volume. The low cost of Bio-Bale, especially in large quantities, even makes it practical for use in the commercial aquaculture industry.
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60006 Bio Bale per cubic foot $44.95 Add to Cart
60014 Bio Bale 12 cubic feet $475.00 Add to Cart